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Icy Age Regression
           Icy was a single mother raising two now teens on her own a male and a female teen. Sure she accomplished raising them on her own but she now feels that she is getting to old because of it. So she spent a few days working on a drink that will make her younger when she was the most beautiful which she believed to be in her 20s. Then after a certain amount of tests she managed to make an age regression drink and she knew it will work for sure but didn’t know if it will make her too young.  She figured there wouldn’t be any harm in losing a few extra years off her age. After sending her kids to school she brought out the age regressing drink and drank the entire bottle and it surprisingly taste good to her.
Icy said to herself, “Now I need to wait a few seconds and it will…”
          The age regression drink immediately started working on Icy faster than she expected to and was already mak
:iconspartan38:spartan38 10 10
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Upsides and Downsides: Age Regression
The upsides and downsides to age regression.  
Imagine you woke up in your current setting, BUT, in the body of yourself as an infant. Here are the upsides and downsides
# 1: Can't talk: You can't speak your opinions, or tell people what you want to do. It would not be desireable.  
# 2: No bowl/bladder control: Well, this one speaks for itself, people have to change your diaper which could get very uncomfortable.  
# 3: No solid food: You can't eat or drink your favorite foods, depending on your age you might have to drink formula.  
# 4: Your thought process: The longer you're an infant, the more you think like one.
Example: 1 day after regression you would be thinking how to get out of this situation.
Example: 3 days after regression you would be thinking about your diaper, exploring, food, being loved, being left alone, etc............
# 5: No power whatsoever: As an infant you arent taken seriously, meaning you're talked to condes
:iconl-coco:L-coco 39 62
The Baby Sitter (age regression)
                                The Baby Sitter.
Alarmed, Desiree Pratt dropped the red lipstick she'd been putting on and rushed downstairs to the living room where her daughter, Becca, was.  "Becca, what's wrong?! Are you hurt?!"
 "Look, Mommy, look!" Becca said as she pointed at the tv screen, ignoring her mother's questions.
  Confused, Desiree looked at the television. A commercial for a baby doll of some kind was playing.
  "It's Itty Bitty Betty, Mommy! Can I have one?! Huh?! Huh?! Can I?!"
   Desiree let out an exasperated sigh. "Becca, we've talked about this; You already have plenty of dolls, and you don't even play with half of them."
   "But Itty Bitty Betty can really cry and wet and eat and everything!"
  "If I did get you one, you'd only play with it for five minutes and then forget about it the moment you saw something else you want
:iconcalico-productions:Calico-Productions 120 18



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